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Hi everyone,


Welcome to Gala dé Govind!


For those of you who may or may not know me, my name is Krupali Govind and I am beyond excited to share with you one of my biggest and dearest dreams of creating a fashion blog. My passion for the fashion industry started when I was young. My family, especially my grandpa, inspired me to open the doors to the fashion world - I learned to sew, took high-level fashion courses, and ultimately challenged myself to put together outfits that channeled my inner style.  Now whenever I open up my closet, the excitement of "what should I wear today" overrides the mess I create in my room to build my unique style identity. I'm sure many of you can relate to the difficulty of putting together the perfect outfit for all occasions, and I hope Gala dé Govind can inspire you in the same way fashion has inspired me to unlock the creativity and uniqueness within. 


My goal is simple: to create classy yet edgy, bohemian yet chic, and casual yet flirty outfits, from office wear to "nights on the town". I want to encourage everyone to put together their own fabulous and stylish outfits together whether it be replicating my outfits or creating your own fashion twist. I hope you guys will subscribe to my blog and continue to follow me on my journey of becoming an inspirational fashion blogger.

Please come say hi if you ever see me in person - I would love to chat with my Gala subscribers and connect on a personal level!


Inside scoop:


Howdy y’all – represent my birthplace Texas!

Scorpian baby - woot woot.

Following Uncle Sam’s rules and regulations – yes I’m a tax accountant and no they aren't boring,  haha.

Cupcakes, coffee and chicken is on my mind twenty-four/seven.

I want to leave my footprints all over the world. 



Hugs and Kisses,


Krupali Govind  


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