Summer Blooms in Paris

Hello beautiful people, A couple weeks ago, I was prancing and dancing through the streets of Paris in this gorgeous floral dress. I fell in love with the summery print and the mix of bright pink, orange, red and green colors. It gave me all sort of tropical feels. Two of my favorite features about this dress are the scrunched top and off-the-shoulder detail. The top is stretchable and flattering. It fit my upper body like a sock. The off-the-shoulder touch accentuated my golden shoulder while keeping the sleeves in place as I was roaming around the city. Yes ladies, you do not have to adjust this dress throughout the day because it does not slide up and down your shoulders. Amazing, right?

Gala in Street Style

Hey Galas, I apologize for being MIA once again but I had so many exciting life events happening. I recently started a new job in New Jersey, got engaged to the love of my life in Paris and started wedding planning. These past few weeks have been absolutely magical and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds. But for now, I’m back with some fashion inspiration for you all! Recently, many celebrities like Olivia Culpo and Gigi Hadid have made headlines for killing the “street-style” game. This concept expresses individualism by using different styles and trends based on the individual’s unique taste. This phenomenon has inspired me to create my very own “street-style” outfit. I

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