I Heart You

Hi lovelies! Do I wear my heart on my sleeves or all over myself? I couldn’t resist buying this charming dress for Valentine’s Day. It’s cute, girlie and extremely versatile. I can wear a cardigan during my nine-to five hours and switch into my leather jacket after work. And most importantly, it screams “love” like no other, which means Mr. Rohit Mehta can’t forget to wish me Happy Valentine’s Day as he walks out of the house, haha. All jokes aside, - this day can be very overwhelming. Those who are in relationships are consumed with making this day the best one yet and those who are single are consumed with the thought of finding their soulmate. We forget that it’s just another day and can

Winter Blues

Hi Galas! I’m so excited to be writing my first official post for 2020. I know, it’s kind of late since it’s already February, but I was extremely busy with work and year-end financials so I deserve a little bit of slack, haha. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, my friend was celebrating his 30th birthday in the city. It was a rainy and snowy day & believe it or not, I did not have any going-out pants in the house to wear! #truestory. I had no idea how to dress for below freezing weather and obviously rolling up at 48 Lounge in a hoodie/sweats wouldn’t have been acceptable (the bouncer would definitely be like “Bye Felica”)! To shelter myself from the bitter cold, I had to coordinate my outfit

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