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We can Bearly Wait Baby Shower

Hi Galas,

Baby showers are so special – it’s a celebration to shower the parents-to-be on their new bundle of joy and to wish them “good luck” on their new journey, because we all know the first couple of months are tough, which is why Rohit and I bother wanted to make ours truly memorable.

We hosted our shower in the conservatory room of one of our dream venues, The Madison Hotel. We loved the all-around glass windows, beaming sunlight and beautiful greenery decorations inside and outside! We knew this was the perfect location to celebrate our next milestone in our life, but it also meant that we needed a special theme for our baby girl so we decided on “We bearly can wait”! We typically saw this theme related mostly to boys so we weren’t sure if it was possible to celebrate a baby girl with this theme, but when we spoke to our decorator, Mimi, she assured us anything is possible! I mean, girls can do anything that boys can, right?

Mimi and I spoke about my vision and how we wanted the backdrop to be feminine and unique with bunch of teddy bears – especially pink teddy bears! We discussed how the centerpieces needed to incorporate bears and how everything from charger plates, linens, napkins to our desserts had to match our color scheme. With everything we discussed, Mimi truly went above and beyond to make our baby shower a dream come true! We absolutely loved our backdrop and how we had a large pink teddy bear with a bunch of smaller pink teddy bears as a focus! Everything from the backdrop to our dessert table and cake flowed into our backdrop seamlessly. It was so different from everything I had seen on Pinterest and Instagram! I maybe biased, but I think this was the best teddy bear theme baby shower - It was truly so magical!

I’m sharing our pictures of our baby shower in hopes you love the decoration as much as we did and to create your own twist on the teddy bear theme! If you guys recreate anything, please tag me like always! I would love to see it!

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind-Mehta


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