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Travel Guide - Mykonos - Part 1

Hi Galas,

Thank you so much for all your love on my travel series for Cabo! They were such a huge hit so I decided to continue to share my travel guides on Gala de Govind. I know I have been teasing you for a while with my Greece/Italy itinerary but life got busy and the pandemic was in full affect! Also, all the countries had a traveling restriction, which made me question whether or not my content would be of interest. However, I’m sure all of us are impatiently waiting for our chance to receive the COVID-19 vaccination or for the population to reach herd immunity so we can continue our vacation plans and explore the world’s beauty. So in preparation for our next big advantage, I’m hoping my travel blog will provide you all of the logistics of traveling, hotels, restaurants and recommended attractions to ease your researching efforts.

Almost two years ago, Rohit and I explored two countries, Greece and Italy, and multiple cities on our honeymoon. We live in New Jersey so we decided the best option for us including flights and layovers would be Mykonos, Santorini and Positano. We wanted to start off our honeymoon with a little bit of partying followed by relaxation and exploring.

Today I’ll be sharing all the details on stay, attraction and fashion from our first honeymoon destination, Mykonos Island. My second blog post will include restaurants and drinks.


Mykono’s Island offers all visitors an option to stay nearby center city town or the beach. Since, Rohit and I were very keen on experiencing the Mediterranean nightlife, we opted to stay near the town an particularly at The Mykonos Hotel. This hotel is super chic and reasonable. Upon our arrival we were greeted with a welcome drink and great service. As we were planning in January (8 months before our honeymoon), we realized many of the hotels were completed booked in advanced so I advise you all to plan your trip at least 8-10 months ahead.

Here is a list of a few other hotels that we were looking into during our stay.

1. Belvedere Mykonos – Located in the heart of Mykonos Town

2. Semeli Hotel – Located in the heart of Mykonos Town

3. Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge – Located in the outskirts of Mykonos Town

4. Branco Mykonos – Located in Platis Gialos (Beach)

5. Nissaki Boutique Hotel – Located in Platis Gialos (Beach)


Scenery – There is something magical about Mykonos’s Island – Every corner has a breathtaking view, from the white and blue houses, pink flowers, narrow streets and crystal-clear water – it’s no brainer why they call this island the icon of luxury travel. It’s simply beautiful! Best way to experience Mykonos town is to get lost in the alleys and soak in the beauty. Also, make sure you stop and grab a small bite to eat, refreshing drink or buy yourself a souvenir as you explore the town.

Mykonos Windmills – This is a must see – it’s the iconic feature of the Greek Island and can be seen from every village. Not to mention, these are the famous windmills mentioned on the Bachelor with Hannah Brown and Peter. It’s worthwhile to visit and snag a few pictures.

Beaches – Mykonos is filled with so many gorgeous beaches with white sand and clear blue water. It’s a paradise for any beach bum out there. Luckily, during our stay, Rohit and I visited two beaches: Platys Gialos and Super Paradise. Platys Gialos is an ideal beach for relaxation. This beach doesn’t get to rowdy. It’s filled with families of all ages. Rohit and I rented out the seats at the beach and spent couple of hours swimming, eating and drinking. It was the perfect start to our vacation. On the other hand, Paradise is an ideal beach for all the party people out there. There are three beach clubs to choose from: Tropicana, Paradise and Guapaloca and a nightclub, Cavo. Rohit and I arrived at the beach clubs around 6PM and immersed ourselves in the partying vibes – I mean, who wouldn’t love a great party at the beach with good music and drinks? It was definitely worth the experience and memories. We wish we had more time to explore the other beaches, but there is always next time, right.

Little Venice – One of the most romantic, charming and magical spots in Mykonos located on the edge of the waterfront. This area is filled with cocktails bar, live music and great energy. It’s extremely popular during sunset so make sure to snag a reservation early in the morning to enjoy the view with a cocktail. This was our favorite memory and sunset together!

Many of the attractions mentioned above are walking distance from center city. If you want to visit the beaches, you will have to take a bus from Fabrika located in center city. It will provide you the timings of departures and returns from every beach.


Rohit and I went to Mykonos at the end of August, when the temperature is extremely hot during the day and slightly chilly/windy at nighttime. During the day, we were always hanging out near the beach, so I opted to wear my swimsuits with a beach cover-up and carried all my essentials in my beach bag. During the evenings, I dressed up in summery blouses with skirts/jeans. Also, I would advise you all to carry a jacket around to avoid getting goosebumps in the windy island of Mykonos.

Since, Rohit and I were going away for our honeymoon for 12 days, I wanted to make sure I packed lightly and efficiently. I secretly chose outfits that would complement the Mediterranean scenery, which included any shades of blue, colorful prints and florals. All of my outfits are linked on the Like to Know It App so please click "" for more outfit details.

Hope you all enjoyed the first part of my Mykonos travel series. Stay tuned for part two, which will include our favorite restaurants and drink spots.

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind-Mehta


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