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Babymoon in Maui, Hawaii Travel Guide

Hi Galas,

Rohit and I are very fortunate to have traveled to Maui, Hawaii for our babymoon to spend some quality time with one another before the arrival of our beautiful baby girl, Alia. Maui was definitely a long trek for a pregnant soul like myself, but it was the only place in November 2021 where we could travel in the United States without taking any COVID-19 tests. I definitely couldn’t bear the added stress of test results leaving or coming back into the country, which is why we decided Hawaii was the safest place for us to travel.

Although Maui is absolutely gorgeous surrounded by blue water and palm trees, I still do not understand the hype of Hawaii! I felt like I could have found the same atmosphere in the Caribbean or even better, Greece! But nevertheless, for those of you that are interested in Hawaii, I have written about my recommended resort to stay at, attractions to see and dining options and you can decide if you would like to see Maui for yourself!


Rohit and I stayed at the Four Seasons in Maui – it was definitely a splurge but this resort was 100% worth it! It made our trip so memorable! This resort has endless dining options, a relaxing spa and the best view of the volcanic mountain! It is purely breathtaking. This resort had a charming aura making our stay so welcoming and pleasant! If you are debating between the Four Seasons and another hotel, I recommend you to stay here! It will be so worth it! This experience has gotten be addicted to staying at more FS hotels in the future (sorry Rohit, but you got me hooked on luxury hotels)!


1. Monkeypod – This was one of the most recommended restaurants for local food. I had fish and chips and Rohit had their noodles. The food was authentic and delish

2. DUO – This restaurant in FS was my absolute favorite! I got the special Hawaiian Huli Huli chicken and Rohit got their Wagu Steak and it was so so so delicious! I wish we had a second meal here!

3. Spago – This was another restaurant in FS and it was absolutely mouthwatering! We ate our hearts out here by ordering Hawaiian Seafood Risotto, Mahi Mahi and Pineapple Coconut Red Curry! All of these dishes were so yummy!

4. Ferraro’s Bar Ristorante – I’m such an Italian food lover so this restaurant was on the top of my list! We dined here twice and ordered puccia bread, calamari, pasta and pizza! It was so worth it!


1. Road to Hana – Everyone raves about Road to Hana and all the different spots along the way so we decided to give it a shot! Rohit thought it was pretty cool but because of my limitations, I was struggling sitting in a car and walking so much so as a pregnant lady, I thought everything looked the same and nothing felt wow to me! LOL – I’m sorry if I have upset anyone but this was just my honest opinion. Anyways, we did the Road to Hana by taking a self-guided tour with the Gypsy app. You can download the app and it will take you to all the prime location, which teaching you the history and also making you stop along the coast of the island for scenic views, food, hikes and swims in waterfalls.

2. Haleakala – All my life, I have heard about the gorgeous sunrise at the Haleakala mountain so I thought it was no brainer that it was a must see! However, this was one of the most underwhelming experience of our lives. I definitely could have seen a beautiful sunrise in the comfort of my own hotel room LOL! Regardless, when we decided to see the sunrise, we thought it would be a smart decision to take a tour with a local company given my pregnancy but after the entire experience, I wish we had saved the money and drove to the mountain ourselves. If we did this, I’m sure I would have enjoyed the sunrise a tad bit more!

3. Luaus – This is an absolutely must do in Maui! The luaus are amazing! We attended Feast at Lele and everything from the performances to the authentic Hawaiian food to drinks were so amazing!

We were unfortunately limited to what activities we did but there are endless things to do on this island including surfboarding, helicopter rides, atv-ing around the island, and exploring the beautiful nature of Maui.

Rohit and I are counting our blessings for going on a babymoon and staying at one of the finest resorts in Maui – overall, our trip was very relaxing and we enjoyed each other company as we explored the island and stayed at our beautiful resort! This island is definitely beautiful with lots of activities so I hope I didn’t steer anyone away from visiting. I personally felt that there are endless options around the world that I would have preferred to visit instead but I’m grateful to have checked Hawaii off my list of places to visit!

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind-Mehta


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