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Maya says "Let's Pawty"

Hi Guys!

Thank you for sending Maya so much love on her first birthday! Rohit and I really appreciate it and I'm sure Maya does too! :p As promised, I wanted to share all the details/planning behind Maya's first birthday party! I love having "focal points" for any occasion so for Maya's birthday I decided to create a "dessert table" and accessorized it with bunch of decorations.

I got Maya a vanilla cake filled with strawberries and custard from a Swiss bakery. Talk about a spoiled dog, right? The cake was a huge crowd pleaser as both of our families and dogs devoured every bit of it! I also included a few "human treats" and "dog treats" as well as some yummy food that related to the dog party such as "Pup-corn" (popcorn), "Fetch Sticks" (pretzels) and "Puppy Kisses" (Hershey Kisses).

For decorations, I brought foil balloons that say "LETS PAWTY" and a few pink and white paw-print balloons from Amazon. I love having balloons for parties because it makes the event even more "official" (especially foil balloons that center around the theme, such as "LETS PAWTY"!). It creates the spotlight for any big event and Maya's birthday was definitely an event to remember! Since Maya's birthday landed on Easter I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate a few Easter decorations - I brought a few eggs, bunny signs and pastel tree from stores around town.

Maya's birthday party came together once we found her adorable bunny outfit from Petco. She looked like a diva in her outfit and was very happy to take a bunch of pictures with her paw-rents, paw-grandparents, paw-uncles and paw-aunts. She also got quite a few belly rubs and treats so Maya definitely felt very special! She still thinks it's her birthday month because we have a few treats left from her party, haha.

As always, I will link everything from her birthday below. Please let me know if you guys have any additional questions. Hope you all loved Maya's birthday as much as she did.

Cake - Swiss Bakery - Click here

Balloons - "Lets Pawty"- Amazon - Click here

Balloons - Pink/White - Amazon - Click here and Click here

Outfit - Petco - Similar here

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind-Mehta


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