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I Heart You

Hi lovelies!

Do I wear my heart on my sleeves or all over myself? I couldn’t resist buying this charming dress for Valentine’s Day. It’s cute, girlie and extremely versatile. I can wear a cardigan during my nine-to five hours and switch into my leather jacket after work. And most importantly, it screams “love” like no other, which means Mr. Rohit Mehta can’t forget to wish me Happy Valentine’s Day as he walks out of the house, haha.

All jokes aside, - this day can be very overwhelming. Those who are in relationships are consumed with making this day the best one yet and those who are single are consumed with the thought of finding their soulmate. We forget that it’s just another day and can be memorable regardless of relationship status. It’s a day full of love - we should focus on spreading kindness and happiness all around us. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate with our loved ones – Galentines, Friends or Family. Enjoy the moment, have fun and treat yourself with a ton of chocolate/pastries!

Dress: Vici Collection - Click here

Leather Jacket: Nordstrom - Click here

Stockings: Target - Click here

Boots: Zara - Similar here

Hugs and Kisses

Krupail Govind-Mehta

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