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2020 Christmas Wish Lists

Hi guys!

Thank you so much for participating in my poll last week! I really appreciate your engagement. It allows me to help connect with you all so much more and tells me what you guys are really interested in! The three most requested wishlists for Christmas were gifts for her, gifts for him and home decoration! With these suggestions, I created some a guide that I believe are holiday favorites! Like always, please let me know you liked them!

Gifts for her

1. Movado Watch - Click here 2. Nadri Hinge Bracelet - Click here

3. Kate Spade Tote - Click here

4. Gucci Belt - Click here

5. YSL Wallet - Click here

6. Sephora Lipstick Set - Click here

7. Sam Edelman Fur Slippers - Click here

8. Prince Peter Loungewear set - Click here

9. Lancome Lash Set - Click here

Gifts for Men

1. Dewalt Tool Set - Click here

2. Tom Ford Oud Wood Cologne - Click here

3. Ugg Slippers - Click here

4. Spa Bathrobe - Click here

5. Apple Airpods - Click here

6. Mixology Bartender Kit - Click here

7. Whiskey Hatch Drinking Glass - Click here

8. Burberry Scarf - Click here

9. Gucci Sneakers - Click here

Gifts for Home

1. Glass Knot - Click here

2. Hydrangea Vase - Click here

3. Brixton Throw - Click here

4. Mirrored Tray - Click here

5. Farmhouse Bead Garland - Click here

6. Diptyque Candle - Click here

7. Fur Pillow - Click here

8. Eucalyptus Branch in Glass Bottle - Click here

9. Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs Coffee Table Book - Click here

10. Patterned Silver Picture Fram - Click here

Decorative Baskets - Click here

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind-Mehta


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