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Traveling during the Pandemic

Hi All,

I received so many questions in regards to my visit to Cabo a few weeks ago so I decided to write a detailed post hoping to answer everyone’s questions!

Rohit and I were feeling very exhausted of staying home every day and needed a well-deserved break from our current reality. When we were evaluating places to travel, we were looking into countries/areas with limited air-travel time and the lowest number of COVID-19 cases. Mexico was on the list of highest cases by country but if you look within the regions of Mexico, Cabo did not have as many cases, which made us feel comfortable with our decision.

I’m listing all the precautions we took during our travel and advise you all to do the same if you are planning on traveling domestically or internationally:

  • Getting tested prior to our trip to confirm we were negative. We should hold ourselves accountable if we are traveling and do our social duty in keeping everyone around us safe (Mexico does not require a negative COVID test prior to arrival - we did this on our own accord).

  • Having only one person from your group touch the screens at the airport and having one designated person to apply hand sanitizer anytime. In our case, Rohit touched everything and I acted like the crazy hand sanitizing lady. LOL.

  • Wearing masks at the airport and flight at all times, asides from drinking and eating.

  • Wiping down your seat, tray, TV, and window on the flight with Lysol wipes.

  • Continuing to wear our masks in Cabo when we were in public areas and always remembering to either wash our hands or apply hand sanitizer.

  • Staying home for 14 days to self-quarantine and getting tested to confirm we are actually negative for peace of mind once we were back home in New Jersey.

As always, I’m not encouraging anyone to travel but if you do, just make sure you are doing your own research and staying safe! Remember to follow the standard protocols of wearing your masks, maintaining social distancing, washing your hands or utilizing hand sanitizer. We should still be able to enjoy our lives if we follow all the rules!

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind-Mehta

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