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Holiday Classics

Hi guys!

There are endless ways to dress for the holiday season. You can either buy new holiday sweaters, dresses, pajamas or recycle pieces from your existing wardrobe. I personally love recreating holiday outfits by putting together existing black and white pieces together. These two colors are a classic combination giving off chic and posh vibes!

As such, I paired a white sweater with my black leather skirt, which I have owned since 2011. Yes, it’s surprising that it’s been in my closet for over 9 years but it’s such a staple! Both of these pieces together create a simple and elegant look.

I hope you guys loved this outfit and are able to create your favorite color combination for all the festivities! I will be linking my outfit below with exact or similar links! Happy holidays y'all!

Skirt (old) - 1. Similar here 2. Similar here 3. Similar here

Top (Express) - 1. Click here

Shoes (Aldo) - 1. Similar here 2. Similar here

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind-Mehta


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