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Free My Gypsy Soul

I finally did it! After years of debating and months of hard work, I am so proud to present to you: “Gala dé Govind”. I appreciate everyone who has supported me throughout my journey and motivated me to pursue my fashion dreams. This first post goes out to my fellow fans.

Beaming sun, sandy feet, barbecue parties and New York City rooftops only mean one thing – can you guess it? Yes, I’m talking about summer! It’s finally here! This means it’s time to prance around in our bright dresses, walk around in our big floppy hats and rock some fringe details.

Today on Gala dé Govind, I want to inspire you all to create a summery bohemian-gypsy-vibe outfit. When I found this dress, I was obsessed! It was like love at first sight, and I knew I had to have it in my closet. I love this dress because the abstract vibrant printed dress just screams summer weather. It’s a beautiful electric combination of red, blue and beige colors with many geometric shapes giving it the perfect mix of a bohemian yet edgy look. It’s also the perfect versatile piece that you can dress up or down for any occasion. This dress is definitely a must buy for this summer season.

I paired this dress with black shoes and a white bag with fringe details that completes the entire bohemian vibe. The fringe details just scream “bohemian-chic”. Also, these black shoes are so stylish and yet so comfortable. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about - it’s so hard to find fashionable shoes that don’t kill our feet. These shoes are so comfy that I was able to walk around New York City without any complaints. These shoes are the perfect height for any occasion and create a beautiful edition in anyone’s closet. Also, this white fringe bag is another one of my favorites for this summer - I absolutely love it! It adds a fun free-spirited attention to my outfit. Completing my gypsy vibe outfit with a big floppy black hat and a bronze bracelet.

I hope y’all enjoyed my first blog post and I was able to inspire you all to create a similar bohemian chic look. Also, if you are looking for the exact/similar pieces I wore in this outfit, please check out the links below. Please hashtag me on Instagram if you recreate this look or put a twist on it: #inspiredbygala.

Thank you everyone!

Dress: Lulu's - click here

Bracelet: Lulu's - click here

Shoes: Charlotte Ruse - 1) similar one 2) similar one

Hat: The one in the outfit is from Banana Republic - similar one

Bag: The one in the outfit is from Love culture - similar one

Hugs and Kisses,

Krupali Govind

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