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Forever Young

Hello beautiful people,

Today I’m finally sharing one of my most requested looks: my birthday outfit! Those of you that know me know I absolutely L O V E celebrating my birthday! I treat it like a national holiday and I’m not ashamed one bit. When people ask why I celebrate another year of getting older so passionately, I respond with my personal motto of “I am forever young”. Age is but a number, and much like fine wine and whiskey, I would also like to believe I improve personally and professionally with age. Additionally, my birthday is a chance for me to be surrounded by all my amazing friends and family. It creates a special feeling of happiness, and reminds me why I am forever blessed.

Anyways, enough of the birthday rant and back to my gorgeous, sparkly, mustard birthday dress that I'd like to share with you all. When I saw this on the Free People website, my eyes melted into the heart emoji because I knew this dress was the one I wanted to rock. This baby doll style dress hugged my petite frame fabulously, as it was the perfect fit and length. The mustard color is extremely eye-catching - I have been obsessed with this color lately and many pieces are starting to incorporate the bold color. Whether you plan on using it for a birthday or the upcoming holidays, it’s a mix of glam and glitz.

For accessories, I knew I wanted a statement choker that was different and unique. When I found this black velvet choker with a crisscross gold chain that dangles, I knew it would complement my low cut dress perfectly. This choker is definitely a timeless piece so snag it while you can. With that said, I kept my arm jewelry simple by wearing a black bracelet and a watch. I also finished this look off with a black clutch and my ombre fur jacket to keep me warm during the brisk nighttime weather.

​Please note: I recreated my birthday look because the pictures at the hotel weren't doing the beautiful dress justice. I have included one picture from my birthday night with my full make up for your reference, as I did not replicate it for the re-do.

I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I did!

Dress: Free People - 1) Click here

Choker: Bauble Bar - 1) Click here

Bracelet: Caché - 1) Click here 2) Click here

Clutch: Francesca's 1) Similar one

Heels: Aldo 1) Click here

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind

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