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Turks and Pies

Hi loves,

Sweater weather always means better weather! Wow, that was a mouthful but wouldn’t you agree? Sweaters are so warm, comfortable and cozy. You can style basic sweaters several ways over the next few months, especially during the upcoming "Turks and Pies" feast also known as, Thanksgiving!

During this time of year, I love throwing on a light fitted sweater over high waisted shorts - especially this rustic orangy-red knit, which sets the tone for the breezy autumn season. I wanted this outfit to portray a "cool hipster" look with edgy vibes. I accessorized this simple sweater by adding a statement necklace. This long elephant shape piece is unique and eye-catching. I also wore a black hat, bow flats and a plain black belt. The touch of black makes my outfit look put together and neat. Always remember, you can opt the shorts for some skinny/distressed jeans and the flats for some statement boots as the weather is different in every geographic area.

Hope you all enjoy this trendy fall outfit for Thanksgiving! It's perfect for stuffing our bellies, haha! Please hashtag #inspiredbygala so I can see your recreation!

Shorts - Hollister 1) Similar one

Hat - Banana Republic 1) Similar one 2) Similar one

Belt - Forever 21 1) Similar one 2) Similar one

Necklace - Forever 21 1) Similar one

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind

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