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Travel Guide to Dubai

Hi guys,

Today I’ll be sharing details about a completely different topic from fashion. Many of you have requested a Dubai Travel Guide after my latest trip this past December. My family and I already visited Dubai once during the summer of 2014, so this trip was dedicated to exploring parts of Dubai that we originally did not see. Therefore, I’ll be sharing both old and new pictures of the city. Please do not laugh at my lack of picture taking skills from my prior trip as it wasn’t “blogger-material” (hmm is that even a thing?). Nevertheless, I’ll be including a complete guide of all the must-see attractions as well as a couple of our favorite restaurants.

1)Desert Safari – This is one of most memorable and exhilarating experiences we had in Dubai! It’s an excursion into the middle of the desert. The company picks up from your hotel and takes you into the golden dunes where you experience off-roading, camel riding, and a traditional Arabic show with food, beverages and Hookah. You also get to see the enchanting and dreamy sunset views. Be sure to take your cameras guys - you’ll be able to get some phenomenal shots (like the classic jumping in the sand image)!

2)Burj Khalifa – This is the tallest building in the world and it’s architecture is absolutely unique. You are allowed to go to the top of the observatory deck where the views extend across the entire city. It’s absolutely breathtaking. You definitely want to see this city from the top - the amount of detail in the roads and architecture is a sight to marvel at.

3)Burj Al Arab – This place is for all the foodies! My family and I went to the SkyBar for "afternoon tea", a pseudonym for dressing fancy and feeling royal. We were served an abundance of salad, appetizers, sandwiches, pastries, desserts, tea and other drinks. The 7-course meal is opened with a glass of champagne, and followed with an assortment of food that will leave you absolutely full. Be sure to go in with a big appetite (we skipped lunch before arriving) - the "finger food" sampler style menu is very scrumptious and filling. Outside of the afternoon tea itself, the hotel is the only 7-star in the world, so be sure to take as many pictures as you can in front of the unique sailboat architecture and the very well-decorated interior!

4) Sheikh Zayed Mosque – This mosque is in Abu Dhabi, which is approximately 2 hours away from Dubai. Every inch of this mosque is beautiful, from the Swarovski crystal chandeliers to the gold and white marble exterior. It’s definitely a must see!

5)Dubai Miracle Garden – A flower garden is not usually high-up on a bucket-list, but Dubai's miracle garden is an enchanting place filled with positivity and beauty all around. The garden is filled with so many unique and picturesque designs made with all sorts of flowers and colors. A great picture taking spot for all flower-enthusiasts!

6)Dubai Mall – This mall is ginormous! It has every store you can possibly imagine. The prices are reasonable to the US dollar, depending on what you want to buy. Jewelry and scarves are something I recommend looking into in Dubai - it is slightly cheaper than the states and there are options for all styles and preferences. I definitely snagged a couple of statement pieces for myself! This mall also has a beautiful indoor aquarium, ice skating rink and a waterfall. The food options are endless, as there are multiple options for all cuisines in the "food court wing". There is also a small station in the mall where you can dress up in traditional Arabic garments and dress up with props. It’s a great way to experience Arabic culture and get some photographic memories that will last a lifetime. The mall is definitely the place to stop at for a guaranteed great time.

7)Dubai Water Foundation Show – This is located outside of the Dubai Mall and typically occurs every 30 minutes. It’s a wonderful water show with lights, colors and sounds. You may watch it from afar or ride a little ferry to see all the magic.

8)Gold Souk – Dubai is well known for it’s jewelry, and the Souk is the best place to be if you are in the market to buy. It’s a location in Dubai where the streets are narrow and there are small jewelry stores all next to each other with an endless variety of pieces. Counterfeit jewelry is non-existent in the country, so all consumers can shop with confidence and look to bargain to save a few dollars!

9)Cavalli Club – This club in Dubai is one of the finest nightclubs I have ever visited. It is the namesake nightclub of the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. I went with my family and we all had a phenomenal time. Usually the venue serves dinner through , and quickly after it turns into a full-blown nightclub and lounge. It’s a very classy venue & so much fun to experience live! Everyone that attends wears their finest attire so make sure you dress to impress, and try and get there early to avoid paying traditional cover charges.


1) Jodhpur - This Indian restaurant is located behind Roda Al Murooj. It is absolutely delicious! It isn’t your traditional Indian restaurant with traditional Indian dishes – there is very much a modern twist in taste and presentation. Their chicken kebabs and jumbo shrimps are to die for! They supplement the tasteful food with dry ice that adds a smoke effect to every dish, which from a presentation standpoint is beautiful and aesthetic. Also, they have a special dessert which was mind-blowing. (Sorry, cannot remember the name of the dessert)

2) P.F. Changs – I know what you are thinking: am I really recommending a chain restaurant to eat at in Dubai (because that’s what I said to myself too)?. I was so against going for lunch on our second-to-last afternoon there. However, the food is absolutely delicious and surprisingly the menu is slightly different from the states. It has the traditional kick of Indo-Asian spices, which is mouthwatering, but also takes advantage of Dubai's famous seafood. One of my favorite dishes was their Spicy Jumbo Shrimp, which is exclusive to Dubai and not available in the US - totally worth the money alone. YUM YUM YUM. I’m starving again and dying to go back!

3) Double Decker – If you like British / American pub food – this place is the exact one for you. This standard British pub was near our hotel - while convenient, we were regulars here also because the food was delicious and drinks were always flowing! They served a variety of English dishes, one of the best of which was the Fish and Chips. On the American side, the burgers were tasty and juicy, and you couldn't go wrong with any of their quesadillas or nachos.

4) Benjarong – Thai food for the win! They served one of the best Pad Thai's I have ever had in the world. It was so scrumptious and atypical from the Pad Thai I have in the states - it's hard to describe the flavors, but they just work together and you have to take my word for it! Be sure to ask for a kick of spiciness for added flavor if you need it.

Hope you all enjoyed my first travel guide! I would love to hear what your thoughts are and whether or not you enjoyed reading this blog post. Please feel free to message me if you want any other recommendations or advice. I would love to help you all!

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind

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