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All I Need is Love and Swimsuits

Hi Galas,

One-piece swimsuit for Valentine's Day? Why not, right? This swimsuit is perfect for those celebrating Valentine's Day in a warmer climate, planning a mini weekend getaway or treating themselves to a spa day. Normally, I'm very picky about one pieces as I have a short torso so it can be a hit or miss, but this one fit me like a glove. It's like we were meant to be! This piece accentuated all of my curves and made me feel very confident, stylish and a little bit sexy, haha! I styled my swimsuit with one of my favorite cover-ups that I have used repeatedly from my bachelorette party, honeymoon and basically all my vacations. I think it‘s always fitting to have one plain white or black cover-up that can go with any swimming outfit.

This outfit is almost sold out so I will link the exact and similar one-pieces on my Like it Know It app as well as below! Hope you all enjoyed my non-traditional Valentine's Day look and I hope you all take this day to love and pamper yourself. Whether you are in a relationship or single ready to mingle, it is important to acknowledge, love and respect yourself! So cheers to loving one another and yourself this Valentine's Day.

Red Bikini - 1. Exact here 2. Similar here 3. Similar here

White One Piece 1. Similar here 2. Simile here 3. Similar here


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