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Christmas Decorations

Hi guys!

We are officially two days away from Christmas – woohoo! Hope everyone has their homes decked in Christmas spirit! If you haven’t, it’s still not too late to run to your local Target, Home Goods or Kirkland to bring some holiday cheer to your house!

When you are decorating your home for Christmas, it is important to keep the following questions in mind: What is your style? What type of vibe are you trying to create? What is your color scheme? Rohit and I both love to blend glam and rustic vibes together and make our four-walls feel as cozy as possible! We have a neutral base in our home – our walls are modern gray and our furniture is a mix of cream, whites, grays, and blacks with blue/green accent pieces. Having a neutral background allows us to add different color-schemes throughout every season.

For Christmas, we love to add a pop of red in our existing color combination. We are able to do this by mixing our daily and seasonal decorating style together. For example, in our foyer, I kept our green plant and blue painting but added a rustic red/white Santa Clause and festive “believe” sign. In our living room, I kept all of my decorations but switched our mint green pillows with white pillows that have red and green Christmas Trees. I also added a greenery centerpiece, a candle, holiday throw and small red, green and white trees on the fireplace to bring the entire room together. We also brought a white Christmas tree and decorated it with neutral tones and added a pop of red ribbon. Last but not least, I added red presents and festive potpourri in our family room.

Decorating is a balance act, so anytime we incorporated red, we would make sure we also incorporated one of our neutral and accent piece colors. This allowed us to blend the different colors together throughout the seasons.

If your house does not have a neutral color palette then you can follow my above tips by reserving the color schemes – you could add more neutral pieces along with your existing decorations. For example, my previous home had hues of yellow, orange, brown and red. With this color scheme, I would add more white/cream decorations and add a few existing colorful accent pieces that were either red and brown. You can also decorate your tree using your existing color schemes and add a few neutral tones. For example, if your tree typically has green and red ornaments, you should consider adding a few silver/white ornaments or ribbons. This will blend your current/new decorations style together. The best part about decoratons is that you can always mix and match color tones – there is no wrong way!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my first non-fashion related blog post and were able to learn a few new tips regarding decorating! I’m very thankful for my readers encouraging me to step out of my normal comfort zone to write about something new! Like always, I love when you all interact with me and it helps me learn what type of engagement you are interested in so please let me know how you like my post and if there is anything else you want me to talk about!

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy to enjoy the holiday season! Merry Christmas to you all!

Hugs and Kisses

Krupali Govind


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