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Hello 2021

Happy New Year Galas!

My husband, Rohit, and I are extremely thankful and blessed to end 2020 with great health, happiness and a small getaway to Cabo! We wanted to celebrate making it through one of the craziest years of our lives with a big bang! I will give you all more details in the upcoming posts but today I want to reflect on a few of our goals for the near year.

This new year, we both want to prioritize taking care of our health and allowing ourselves to have well-deserved “me” time. Together, we want to focus on the following goals:

- Excercising and staying fit

- Eating healthier and moderating our love for desserts

- Dedicating a new beauty regime for skincare/haircare

- Being happy, smiling more and worrying less

Independently, I want to focus on my blog and provide more content this year than the past! I recently got accepted to the Like It To Know it program, so I’m in the process of figuring out how to share the links to my outfits more easily. If anyone has any tips, please help a sister out! On the flip side, Rohit wants to take some time out to finally open and play his PS5, hah!

I think writing down your goals for the year is a great way to keep accountable and also reminds us to reflect on our achievements towards the bigger pictures. I encourage you all to write your goals down and share them with one another! It gives everyone more motivation! So let’s all cheers to a better, healthier and brighter year! The pandemic is not over but we should all focus on the positives!

P.S. These pictures are a tad bit fuzzy but would anyone expect anything more from us on the last day of the year? Haha! Also, both of our outfits are linked below, as always, and hopefully will be on the Like It To Know It program as well! Love you all!

Dress: Red Dress Boutique - Click here

Shoes: Steve Madden - Click here

Rohit's Dress Shirt: Express - Similar here

Rohit's Pants - Ralph Lauren - Similar here

Rohit's Bomber Jacket: Express - Similar here

Rohit's Shoes: Gucci - Similar here

Hugs and Kisses,

Krupali Govind-Mehta


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