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Travel Guide: Things to do in Los Cabo

Hi everyone!

As you all know, I visited Los Cabo which is located at the southern tip of Mexico this past December during the pandemic. There are two main towns in this area - Cabos San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Both towns have so much to do and can be easily traveled to during your stay. Cabo is known as a party destination filled with bars, night clubs and restaurants. However, given our visit during the pandemic, we were mindful of what activities we pursued as we did not want to risk exposing ourselves to the virus. Below is a list of fun activities that you could enjoy during your vacation to Cabo.

  1. Arch of Cabo San Lucas - These rock formulation at Land's End are a must see! We saw beautiful views of these arches from The Cape and the Sunset at Monalisa. We also saw them up close and personal by sailing the coast, which I will mention more in detail below.

  2. Sail the Baja Peninsula/Whale Watching - We booked a yacht tour with our friends to see the Arches, swim, snorkel and enjoy appetizers and a lunch buffet. Luckily, during our tour we were also able to spot a whale! This is an extremely popular activity in December as it is whale watching season. There are so many options on sailing in Cabo, you can book a private yacht as we did or book a group tour. You can also go during the day or during the sunset. Both are ideal times to view Cabo from the ocean.

  3. Ride a Camel at the Desert - We booked a group tour to see cacti and ride a camel in the desert. This experience was packaged with endless tacos and tequila tasting at the end. However, to be completely transparent, I'm not sure if this tour met my expectations. I absolutely enjoyed riding the camel and learning more about the desert but the tour was poorly organized. A two hour tour took us twice as long and also, it was extremely cold in the desert. This is not something I would suggest to do unless you are really interested. The silver lining to this excursion was the cute photo of the Camel, whom we named Rafael, haha.

  4. Beaches - The three most popular beaches here are Medano, Lover's and Chileno Beach. We did not get an opportunity to go to the beach as we wanted to maintain social distance and also enjoy our stay at our private AirBNB, which had a gorgeous pool. However, this will be on my list of things to do if I go to Cabo again. Also, as a disclaimer some of the beaches in Cabo are not swimmable due to high rip-currents in certain areas of the beaches. So please be cautious if you do venture out into the beach and ocean.

  5. Restaurants/Chef-Night - Embrace yourself with delicious Mexican cuisine! The food is absolutely scrumptious! I couldn't have enough of authentic tacos, fajitas, enchiladas! We also had an opportunity to invite a chef to cook for us at our AirBN,,,,,,,,,,,,34B and it was one of the best decisions of our trip! I will be putting together a separate post on the best restaurants in Cabo so stayed tuned!

Hope you all enjoyed my suggestions for Cabo!


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